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course plan

  • Flap designs

  • Incisions

  • Anatomical structures

  •  soft tissue management

  • Identifying a suitable donor site

  • Harvesting technique- autograft

  • Preparation of recipient site

  • Treatment of gingival recession

  • Suturing techniques

  • Surgical instrumentation

  • Primary healing, how to handle the tissue to get always primary healing

  • Management of extraction socket vs immediate implantation

  • Patient management

  • Indications, advantages and disadvantages

Complications and complication management

  • Intraoperative bleeding

  • Flap perforations

  • Wound dehiscence

  • Necrosis of the flap / free gingival graft / connective tissue graft

  • Discussion of participants cases

Hand on – Each participant will perform on implant surgeries on live patients 

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